Transformational Goveranance Pillar

The objective is to «Consolidate Good Governance and Justice as, building blocks for equitable and sustainable National Development. »

Underpinned by the following Strategic Objectives:

  1. Consolidate values and unity of Rwandans, committed to a self-reliant and peaceful Rwanda

  2. Strengthen partnerships between Government, private sector, citizen, NGOs and FBOs to fast track national development and people centered prosperity

  3. Strengthen capable and responsible public institutions committed to citizens advancement and efficient service delivery

  4. Establish legal frameworks that spur economic development and instill fairness, transparency and accountability across institutions and individuals,

  5. Strengthen foreign policy that is driven by economic diplomacy, regional cooperation/Integration and Pan Africanism,

  6. Strengthen capacity of security institutions/organs to preserve national security and protect Rwandans, as well as actively participate in socio economic development of the Nation.

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