Future drivers growth in Rwanda

Rwanda: the land of a thousand hills, untold beauty, a poignant past, and boundless ambition. It has, in a way, become an important fragment of modern consciousness.

Traumatic memories of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, still prevalent, are fading gradually, as associations begin to take a more positive form: a nation on the rise, powered by human resilience, a sense of common purpose, and a purposeful government. Past successes, combined with a sense of frailty, have fueled bold ambitions for the future. But these are early days, and Rwanda is keen to continue taking meaningful strides toward becoming a more hopeful, secure, modern, and prosperous nation. Strong and inclusive growth of gross domestic product (GDP), sustained over an extended period, is at the heart of these ambitions.

This report—a joint undertaking by experts from Rwanda and the World Bank—seeks to evaluate the country’s possibilities and options in this endeavor.


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